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How to use Roku without a Remote?

Reset Roku without remote

Connect the power, HDMI and the Ethernet to Roku. On the settings used for language selection, you have to wait for the connection remote to appear.
Use the computer and open the wireless network settings. There will be a network representing Roku. Make a connection with that network and the Roku screen will display that an enhanced remote is pairing.

Reconnect the computer to the regular home wifi you use. Then search and connect to the Roku with it. If you require help go to
You will now see a remoku with which you can control the Roku setup. Do not connect to the wifi at the starting of the setup. You have to choose wired first and then the wifi network after the process is over. If you ignore this you will have to reset the Roku with a pinhole at the back and begin again.

Connect Roku without remote

In the settings menu on the phone click mobile hotspot
Set up the mobile hotspot and open the menu
From the menu add the network information that is stored in the Roku device. Put in the network SSID and password
Save the new mobile hotspot

Check the connection settings and the instructions before clicking ok
The Roku app will be able to control the Roku device if they are using the same internet connection
Get the Roku mobile app
Click the remote icon
Tap the keys on the phone as you will do in the remote.

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